Our fastpitch season runs from january 1st - December 31st each year.

Our birthdate qualifications run from January 1 - December 31 each year.

  • When registering your team, ask yourself one question….  What is the age of your oldest player on your roster on December 31st.
    • The answer will tell you what age group your team should register for in fastpitch…..
      • Example:  You want to register your team and play 12U all season long.
        • If the oldest player on your roster is 12 on December 31st….then your team is eligible to play in the 12U division all season…
        • If the oldest player(s) on your roster is 13 on or before December 31st, then you MUST either, drop that player(s) from the roster or play the entire team in the 14U division.
  • This same age rule above runs true for all divisions throughout fastpitch 6U – 18U.  If a player is older on December 31st than the age group you have registered for, then she is ineligible to play in that age group for the season or you must raise the entire roster to the older age group.  

PPS Fastpitch will play exclusively under NCAA rules with the following exceptions. 

  • Pool Play is 60 min. finish the hitter Bracket paly is 70 min. finish the inning

  • 6 runs per half inning 12 and under in pool play unlimited in bracket play Pool Play is bat the line up Bracket will revert to NCAA rule of 9 hitters plus DH or EH

  • We will utilize the California tie Breaker, Last 2 batted outs one 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, hitter starts with 1-1 count