Premier Prospects (PPS)

baseball will play specifically by NFHS rule set
(High School Rules), the following are youth tournament specific rules..


Age Divisions & Player Eligibility

PPS will allow two grade exceptions per
age division.

Proof of eligibility (age-based)

In divisions 5U – 18U, all players participating in PPS Baseball tournament
play shall always have photocopies of their original birth certificate in the
possession of their team manager. Upon protest, failure to have a
photocopy of the original birth certificate immediately available upon
demand shall result in the offending team Players in question shall be
ejected along with the Head Coach.

Proof of eligibility (grade-based)

All grade-based players must have a copy of their birth certificate, current
report card, or official school ID with the grade, or any official government
document stating the grade.


Rosters are frozen prior to each event on a predetermined date. Players not
listed on the roster will not be permitted to play. PPS will be utilizing
Playbook scoring software to live score the event. Due to using Playbook
scoring app there shall not be any ineligible players on the field at any time.
Managers & coaches must be listed on team account or roster in order to
be eligible to coach on the field during games.

Accuracy of roster

When listing a player on your official online roster, team managers are
required to use the player’s first name, last name. The middle name may be
added after the first name & before the last name if the middle name is also
listed on the birth certificate. No nicknames, shortened names, slang
names, initials, prefixes, or suffixes are allowed. Date of birth (in proper
format – mm/dd/yyyy) must be listed EXACTLY as it appears on the
player’s original birth certificate, as a member on an eligible team’s Official
Online Roster. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in your team being
prohibited from participating in PPS events.

Roster Classifications/Guidelines

1) Playing up in age – Majors teams wishing to play up in age would need to
register in Majors or AAA of the next higher age division of the tournament.
If a Majors team plays up 2 age divisions, they can play AA.
Example – 12u Majors would need to play 13u AAA -or- 12u Majors can
play 14u AA
Guest Player restrictions by classification/division
● Majors – There are no roster restrictions
● AAA – A total of 2 players that have been listed on a team with a
higher classification in the same season.
● AA – A total of 2 players that have been listed on a team with a higher
classification in the same season. Of the 2 players, only one can be
from a Majors team.
● (Majors Players cannot pitch in AA) Penalty: Remove player from
pitching and eject coach from the game.

Teams wishing to lower their classification must contact their Region
Teams with a .500 or better in-class record must register the following
season in the same classification if 6 or more players are returning to the
same team, new teams my determine their own classification
Sandbagging will not be tolerated. If caught your team could be subject to
removal from the event prior too or during.
The parent or legal guardian of the player must be listed as the contact and
sign the player waiver.
● If you are a parent or a guardian, you can edit the player’s name in
your login. Do not add “nicknames” or suffixes (ex: Jr or IV)
● Listing the player’s name in any other format could make the player
ineligible to play!
A player that is found to be illegal due to an age or grade violation during a
league or tournament game shall be removed from the field and ejected
from the event, the head coach will also be ejected. The illegal player shall
be removed from the offending team’s Official Online Roster and additional
penalties may be applied.


• Majors is our most competitive division comprised of highly competitive
teams from around the Nation.
• AAA is for strong regional teams that compete at a high level but are not
quite ready for Majors
• AA is comprised of local travel teams.

Participation Requirements

All teams participating in Premier Prospects Sports events and
leagues must be registered for the current season and sanctioned by
Premier Prospects Sports.
● All teams must have a liability insurance policy that meets the
requirements of PPS and have Premier Prospects Sports listed as
additionally insured.
● The team’s manager is responsible for all aspects of the eligibility of
the players on his team and that they meet the requirements as set
forth by PPS

Online Rosters

Guest players can be added to your roster as needed. Players will be
removed from the roster after the event is complete. Teams can carry a
max of 2 guest players from higher classifications(s). Guest players can
guest play for a team in a higher division a max of 4 times (per
classification – Majors/AAA/AA). Once this limit is reached (per
classification) the player will be re-classified with the higher classification
from the team they guest played on if the teams were from a higher

PPS Rankings & Seeding Procedures

Calculations of Rankings

• AA – 50 points per win, 100 points per semifinal win, 150 points per
championship win.
• AAA – 75 points per win, 150 points per semifinal win, 225 points per
championship win. If brackets are split, the top bracket will receive AAA
points, the second and successive bracket(s) will receive AA points.
• Majors – 100 points per win, 200 points per semifinal win, 300 points per
championship win. If brackets are split, the top bracket will receive Majors points, the second bracket will receive AAA points, and the third and
successive brackets will receive AA points.

Points awarded at events will be increased by the stature of the

Leagues (X1 Points)
● Qualifiers (X1 Points)
● Double Points Qualifier (X2 Points)
● Super Series Events (X4 Points)
● Region World Series (X4 Points)
● PPS National Championship (X5 Points)


PPS Bracket Seeding Procedure

● Record
● Head to head with only 2 teams tied
● Runs allowed
● Run Differential (10 Max Per Game)
● Runs scored
● PPS points ranking
● Automated coin flip


Premier Prospects Sports will not tolerate any unruly or sportsman like
behavior, ejections will be handed out for any of the following behaviors.
● Physical attack on an umpire, tournament official, associate director,
associate officer, and/or any player or fan prior, during, or immediately
following a game played under the authority of Premier Prospects.
Assault on an official is a felony in some states.

Players, coaches, managers, fans, spectators, or sponsors
threatening an umpire, tournament official, associate director, or
associate officer with physical harm.
● Any player, coach, manager, sponsor, fan, spectator, director, or officer
who engages in physical fighting.
● Using unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive language, symbol tactics,
or derogatory or unbecoming acts.
● Destruction of property or abuse or failure to pay.
● Competing under an assumed, false and/or altered name.
● Tournament hosts have the authority to eject a player, fans, or team
anytime during a tournament of committing any of the above listed
● A player, spectator, fan or coach ejection carries removal from that
game and the following game. Tournament Director for each event
will have authority to reinstate if they feel ejection wasn’t warranted.
● Any spectator, coach, manager, or player who is ejected for the
second time during the tournament will be eliminated from
participating for the remainder of the tournament.
● Any event that results in physical altercation (before, during or after a
game) could result in a forfeit for both teams. Tournament committee
reserves the right to remove teams from playoff contention.
● Any participant that is ejected by an umpire after a contest is
completed must sit the next scheduled game. If it is the last game of
the tournament the offender may be required to sit the first game of
the next tournament that the team plays in.
● After an ejection the person ejected must vacate the playing area
(Field of play and spectator area) within 45 seconds of the ejection,
failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

Batting, Line-Up & Offense Rules

Teams may elect to bat the following in a lineup

• Straight 9 with a least 1 substitute

• 9 with a DH with at least 1 substitute
• 10 with an EH with at least 1 substitute
• Entire rostered players present at the field (entire lineup)

Slash Bunts

Not allowed in ages 06U-13UAA. Penalty for slash bunt will result in an
out & head coach ejection. No contact with the ball is required for an out
to be called. 13uAAA-14U Majors may use slash bunt.

Courtesy Runners

For the pitcher & catcher once they reach first base.
A courtesy runner will not be allowed if a pitch has been made to the next
The courtesy runner must be a legal substitute currently not in the game,
which includes starters that have been substituted for, but are eligible for
If you are batting your entire roster, the courtesy runner must be the last
batted out.
If a team only has one substitute or only 1-out has been recorded, the
courtesy runner will revert to the last batter out if the substitute is on
base or the last batter in the lineup that batted out is on base.
Courtesy runners cannot be the same substitute for both the pitcher and

Playing Field and Equipment

The playing field should be laid out according to age-specific dimensions.
The field must have a protected player dugout. NCS will be played at the
following distances:

• 5U – 8U 40×60
• 9U – 10U: 46×65
• 11U-12U: 50×70
• 13U: 60×90 or 54×80
• 14U-18U: 60×90

1. Youth Bat Specifications:

Penalties for illegal bats will be assessed as per the NFHS rule book. 1st
violation – Batter is pronounced out (if discovered before a pitch to next
batter) & head coach is restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the
game. 2nd violation (Same Game) – Batter is pronounced out (if
discovered before a pitch to next batter) and head coach is ejected.
Subsequent violations: batter is pronounced out (if discovered before a
pitch to next batter) and head coach is ejected. When a batter is
pronounced out for violation of bat rules, the defense may take the
penalty or result of the play. The head coach penalties apply in either
Metal/Composite bat
All bats must have a branding, label, or stamp proving BPF 1.15.
USABat, BBCOR and Wood bats are also allowed.
Metal/Composite bat
All bats must have a branding, label, or stamp proving BPF 1.15, and
length/weight ratio vary by division.
USABat, BBCOR and Wood bats are also allowed.
13U Major & Open: -5 or -3
13U AAA/AA: -8 or -5 

Metal/Composite or Wood bat
Please double check your events specific bat restrictions as some events
have stricter bat restrictions.
Wood bats must be composed of a single piece of wood.
Please see the specific event home page for the bat type being used.
14U Open & Major: -3 BBCOR
14U AAA/AA: -5 or -3
15u-18u or HS Events
Metal/Composite bat or Wood bat.
Length/weight ratio must be -3 and stamped BBCOR.
Wood bats must be composed of a single piece of wood.
Please see the specific event home page for the bat type being used.

The following are the only wood composite bats allowed:

● 5150 Composite Pro Wood WC5150
● Big Stick R243CH
● Big Stick R243CS
● VELO Composite Wood R110CV
● VELO Composite Wood R110CH
● VELO Composite Wood R110CR
● VELO Composite Wood Y151CV
● Rawlings Composite 243MBS
● Rawlings Composite 243CUS
● Rawlings Composite 110CMB
● Rawlings CompositeY151CB
● Rawlings Maple/Bamboo Composite 271 MBC
● Rawlings Maple/Bamboo Composite SL151G

● AAA Pro Maple Baum Bat (Gold & White editions)
● AAA Pro Ash Baum Bat (Gold & White editions)
● Models: D243, D271, I13, D110
● PowerWood
● AP5 Hybrid Pro Model
Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat
● All models allowed
Safety and integrity of the game are two major factors at Premier
Prospects events, and with the implementation of the following
changes, we are taking the next steps in providing an updated and
premier experience on the baseball field. While these bats are currently
still certified by their manufacturers, performance of these bats over the
extended life span continues to become increasingly unsafe for our
Effective January 1, 2024, the following bats may not be used in
Premier Prospects events:
● 2015 Demarini CF7 (-5)
● 2015 Easton XL1 (-5)
● 2016 Demarini CF8 (-5)
● 2016 Demarini CF8 (-8)
● 2016 Demarini CF8 (-10)
● 2017 Demarini CF Zen Balanced (-8)**
● 2017 Demarini CF Zen SL 2 3/4″ (-10)**
● 2017 Demarini CF Zen Zero Dark 2 3/4″ (-10)**
● 2017 Demarini CF Zen – Balanced (-5)
● 2017 Demarini CF Insane – Endloaded (-5)

● Louisville Slugger Blue Meta Composite (33/30 model only)
● 2018 Dirty South Kamo BB KA 8 (30/22, 31/21, 32/22, 31/23,
32/24 only)
● (Easton) Ghost X (30/20 only – USA Baseball Marked)
● 2022 Stinger Missile 2 – (33/30 model only)

**Re-tooled models of these bats may be used in Premier
Prospects play. Once returned from the manufacturer, these bats
will have updated model numbers and new orange end cap and
stickers indicating the corrected performance standards.**


“A bat which has been subjected to change in its physical makeup outside
the original manufacturers product”
At any point, a Premier Prospects Director or UIC may request to inspect
a bat that is at a Premier Prospects sanctioned event. If the owner/user
refuses to allow the requesting body to inspect the bat the owner/user
accepts an automatic three-year suspension from Premier Prospects
sanctioned events. Alternatively, the owner/user can allow the bat to be
inspected so a conclusion can be formed as to whether the bat was
The owner/user of the bat has the responsibility of having knowledge
whether a bat is altered.


Bats that are damaged in any way, including but not limited to cracked,
warped, missing a knob/cap, having a rattle, etc. are not legal for Perfect
Game sanctioned events.

Bats may not have any certifying markings or graphics worn off the bat.
Bats that have certifying or identifying markings worn off the bat shall be
removed from play.
No substance shall be added to the bat barrel. The barrel of the bat and
all identifying marks or graphics shall be free of any foreign obstruction.
If a foreign substance is discovered as being used or identifying marks
on the bat are not visible the bat shall be removed from play.

2. Youth Pitching Regulations:

Daily Limits
● 7U-8U: Daily max is 15 outs OR 50 pitches.
● 9U-10U: Daily max is 18 outs OR 75 pitches.
● 11U-12U: Daily max is 18 outs OR 85 pitches.
● 13U-14U: Daily max is 21 outs OR 95 pitches.
The pitcher may finish the batter upon reaching the daily pitch count limit. I.E.
A 13U pitcher begins the batter at 94 pitches he may finish the current hitter
then must be removed from the game.
Event Limits
● 7U-14U: Each Player is allowed 24 outs over a 3-day period.
● If a player records more than 9 outs in a day, they are required 2
days rest.
● 100 Pitch maximum over 2, 3 or 4 day events
● 140 Pitch maximum over 5+ day events
● Players can pitch in more than one game in a day if they do not
exceed daily limits.
The pitcher may finish the batter upon reaching the event pitch count limit. I.E.
A 13U pitcher begins the batter at 99 pitches he may finish the current hitter
then must be removed from the game.

Once a player has been removed from pitching they may not return to the
mound in the same game.
No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three consecutive days, regardless of pitch
No pitcher shall appear in three games in the same day, regardless of pitch counts.

Pitching Violations:

The pitcher must be replaced on the mound immediately upon notice of
a violation, not a forfeit

Pool Play:

Game times may vary by state or region. Directors reserve the right to
adjust game lengths to benefit the event. Directors will rule in the
fairest way possible.
● 13-14u Games are 1 hour 45 minutes
● 9-12u Games are 1 hour 30 minutes
● 6-8u games are 75 minutes.
● No inning can start after the time limit.
● Time will be kept by the umpires, Umpires have the final say when
time expires
● For each team’s pool games the home team will be predetermined.
● A tie is equal to a ½ win and ½ loss for each team 

Championship Round/Playoffs:

Applicable to Super Series events only: No two teams from the same
organization will match-up in their first playoff game unless the game
is affected by a bye (Applicable to brackets with 9+ teams).
● Championship Games are no Time Limit if time allows.
● The home team in Championship Play will be the higher seed except
when there is no seeding. When there is no seeding, the home team will be determined by a coin flip. This is the case even if the schedule
says otherwise.
● Director reserves the right to enact pool protection at their discretion.
If two teams have previously matched up in pool play, lower seeds
may be switched to provide teams with new opponents for the first
round of bracket play. 

Extra Innings

● Texas Tie Breaker, last 3 hitters on base with 1 out.
● The base runners will be placed as follows:
● Last hitter from previous inning @ 1st Base
● Hitter before him in the lineup @ 2nd Base
● Hitter before that in the lineup @ 3rd Base
● Normal substitution rules apply to these runners.
● The hitting team will start the inning with one out.
● Play continues until one team is ahead at the end of an inning.


A team should do everything within their power to start the game with 9
eligible players. Should a team not be able to begin with 9 players a game
may begin with 8 players with the 9
lineup spot being an automatic out. A
game can be finished with 8 players. If there are no eligible subs the player
leaving the original lineup will be recorded as an out until he is able to
return. Any intentional forfeit could result in the forfeiting team being
eliminated from the tournament. The tournament committee will rule on all
forfeits. No team should benefit from the result of a forfeit in an unfair
manner. This rule could result in a dispute and the tournament committee
reserves the right to look at and rule in the fairest possible way. The
committee’s decision will be final! A forfeit score will be the average runs
scored for the winning team to 0 for the losing team. Only the Head
Director can call a forfeit.

Taking Infield:

No infield will be allowed during the tournaments.

Mercy Rules:

● 20 after 2
● 15 after 3
● 10 after 4
● 8 after 5

Stop in Play:

If a game is stopped, the game must start within 1 hour of the stop in
play. If games are not resumed, they will become suspended or called
official. Games called by umpires that cannot be resumed within 1 hour
will be considered an official game, if 4 innings have been completed, or
3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead (13U-14U: after 5 innings or 4
1/2 if the home team is ahead). After 4 complete innings, a tie score will
be recorded a tie in pool play. The tournament director can extend the 1
hour if there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. lightning detector,
working on fields, etc. A suspended game will resume where the game
was halted. In the event play is stopped for any reason before or during
the Championship round, first place, second place, third place, etc. will be
awarded based on PPS Seeding and Tie Breaker Rules.


Judgment calls are not eligible for protest. Protests for pitching
limitations are permissible for non-Playbook events only. Protests will be
heard and ruled on by a tournament committee. We will not charge you to
protest, Roster violations are not a forfeit! We will use the players first,
last name on rosters along with birthdate. Lineups are not considered
rosters; matching uniforms are not required and player numbers are not considered a violation. The ruling made by the committee will be final.
Protests must be filed and ruled on before the next pitch if during game,
or before time has expired. After time has expired there will be no


We recommend that all teams (home and visitor) keep a scorebook. The
Home Team will be responsible to keep our digital live scoring app
Playbook, Scorekeeper for each event will gain a coaches access to the
event. In case of emergency where staff cannot keep book, the home team
will be the official scorer. In a situation in which tournament staff and the
home team are unable to score, the visitor would become the official book.
All subs should be reported to the umpires. To eliminate scoring disputes,
scorekeepers should check with the official scorer during and after the
Lineup cards must be fully filled out with players first name, last name,
position, and accurate jersey numbers. All substitutes should be listed with
accurate jersey numbers. Failure to produce a complete lineup card can
result in games not starting on time. Lineup cards are to be given to the
official scorekeeper before the home plate meeting.

8U Tournament Rules:

8U Kid-Pitch Tournament Rules

● No lead offs
● No stealing home. A runner starting a play at 3rd base may ONLY
advance home on a batted ball or when forced home by a walk, hit
batter, or another force play (bases loaded).
● Walks are considered a “Dead Ball” situation, meaning the batter may
only take 1st base and any forced runners may only advance one

A runner starting from 1st or 2nd Base may advance home as a
batted ball continuation of a play (there is not a mandatory “”red
light”” at 3rd Base for a play in motion).
MUST STAY AT 3RD BASE. Runner may leave base only after ball
crosses plate: 1st Offense = Dead Ball / warning; 2nd Offense = Dead
Ball / offending runner is called out, other runners return to previously
occupied bases, no ball/strike charged to batter).
● Batter may not run on dropped 3rd strike.
● ONE Successful bunt per inning. No “butcher boy” allowed (Show
bunt, pull back to swing).
● No balks.
● No infield fly rule.
● 7 run limit per inning, until the last inning (unlimited runs), which will
be declared with less than 15 minutes on the clock at the start of the
new inning. This will allow both teams to have a fair and even shot at
getting unlimited runs in their last at bat.

7U-8U Tournament Rules:

Premier Prospects Coach Pitch Specific Rules, Field Set Up and

Field Set Up

● Fair Ball Arc: There shall be a twenty (20) foot arc drawn from first
(1st) baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. A batted
ball must go past this line to be a fair ball.
● Safety Arc: There shall be a thirty (30) foot arc drawn from first (1st)
baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. Infielders must
stay behind this line until the ball is hit.
● If there is no Arc it’s the umpires discretion.

● Pitching Circle: There shall be a ten (10) foot diameter circle with the
front edge at forty-two (42) feet from the rear point of home plate.
● Pitcher’s Line: There shall be a line drawn from the pitcher’s circle to
the safety arc.
● The pitching coach shall keep one foot on or straddle the pitcher’s
line. The Coach can pitch anywhere in-between the 30’ Safety Arc and
the 42’ Pitching Circle.
● The pitching coach shall not verbally or physically coach while in the
pitching position
● The pitching coach shall position himself as not to be an obstruction
to the defensive team on any possible play once the ball has been hit.
● Penalty: If a coach violates this rule after the ball is pitched,
obstruction shall be called.
● Additional Penalty: If a coach violates this rule before the ball is
pitched, First Offense: Warning; Second Offense: Removal of coach
as the pitcher for the remainder of the game.

Playing Rules

1. Pitching Coach: The Pitching Coach shall be an adult at least
eighteen (18) years of age.
2. The catcher shall receive the pitch in the catcher’s box in a normal
baseball manner. If in the Umpire’s judgment, the catcher is not
receiving the ball in a normal baseball manner, there shall be a
warning issued. If the act continues after the warning, the offending
teams’ manager shall be ejected.
3. Ten (10) defensive players shall play in the field with four (4)
outfielders. The fourth (4th) outfielder shall not assume an infield
position. All outfielders must remain in the outfield prior to the pitch
being thrown.
4. The defensive player listed as pitcher shall not leave the pitching
circle until the ball is hit.

1. Penalty: The play continues. After the play has ended, the
offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play or
2. Additional Penalty: First Offense: Warning; Second Offense:
Removal of player from the pitching position for the remainder
of the game.
5. Defensive coaches shall not be allowed on the field of play and shall
coach from the dugout.
6. The Infield Fly Rule shall not be in effect at any time.
7. The batting order shall constitute all present players on the team
roster at the beginning of the game. Late arrivals shall be inserted at
the bottom of the batting order. All players on the roster shall bat
before returning to the top of the batting order.
1. Teams may start a game with eight (8) players. The ninth (9th)
& tenth (10th) positions in the batting order shall be declared an
out each turn at bat.
2. Approved Ruling: A ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) player and all
subsequent players may be added to the bottom of the batting
line-up as soon as they become available.
8. Teams may use free substitution on defense, but the batting order
shall remain the same.
9. Bunting shall not be allowed.
10. The batter shall receive a maximum of six (6) pitches or three (3)
swinging strikes.
11. A player may only be Intentionally Walked once per game by
announcement from the defensive team.
12. Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases. A runner is out for
leaving the base before the ball is hit or reaches home plate.
13. A courtesy runner for catcher of record only the previous inning
may be used. The courtesy runner shall be the player that made the
previous out. If no outs have been recorded in the game, the courtesy
runner shall be the previous batter not on base. If the team batting
has not played defense yet and a courtesy runner is used for a player, the player that was run for must assume the catching position the
next inning. This scenario only applies in the first inning for the
visiting team.
14. A team may score a maximum of seven (7) runs per inning.
15. The game is over, when the opposing team is mathematically
eliminated from scoring enough runs to win or tie the game. (Run
Rules still apply)
16. Umpires shall call “Time” after every play and declare the ball
dead. “Time” shall be called as soon as all runners are not attempting
to advance. “Time” does not have to be called by the defense for the
purpose of this rule.
1. Comment: When a runner stands off a base and “jukes” or
“feints” back and forth, this is to be interpreted as “not
attempting to advance” and “Time” shall be called.
17. When a batted ball hits the Pitching Coach, the following shall
1. If in the Umpire’s judgment, the coach did not make a legitimate
attempt to avoid contact, the batter is declared out and no
runners shall advance.
2. If in the Umpire’s judgment, the coach did make a legitimate
attempt to avoid contact, the ball becomes dead and a no-pitch
is declared.

6U Modified T-Ball:

● Batter
● 3 pitches
● Can swing at all 3
● Then 1 swing from a tee
● Coach also has an option to pitch a maximum of six (6) pitches
or three (3) swinging strikes. If 6th pitch is fouled, then a 7th
pitch is awarded. An at bat will not end on a foul ball.
● Catcher’s Position

● During the Pitch- Catchers can try and catch the ball
● While ball is on tee- catcher must stand back
● Does the Batter / Runner and Runners have to stop at the base, or are
they allowed to keep running until they stop running / time is called?
● If ball is hit from tee, hitter and runners get a max of 2 bases
only. If the ball is hit from a Pitched ball, there is no limit on
bases ran
● Offense
● 2 base coaches, 1 pitching coach
● Pitching coach CAN talk to batter, then help when tee is brought
in. When the ball is hit, the Base coaches should instruct the
● Defense
● 2 Outfield coaches in Foul Territory, 2 in dug out
● Number of players
● 9 players on field is legal, 10 can play as well.
● If you start with 10, you must finish with 10. You can bat the
entire line up
● Time limit
● Pool Play – 1:10
● Bracket Play -1:10
● Mercy Rule
● 15 after 3
● 10 after 4
● 8 after 5
● 7 run cap per inning